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Why body types?

We constantly hear about the newest diet type and how effective it is and how everybody needs to eat a certain way, and yet it contradicts that diet fad of 2 years ago: eat vegetarian, eat mostly meat, eat no grains, or eat little meat. Have you ever wondered why these diets gain so much ground? The reason is that they work for some people. Through development different hormone systems become more prominent in different individuals and this creates your body type and determines your height, your weight, your build, what type of exercises you are built for, where you put on weight, ect..

Knowing your body type tells you how to eat: if you should cut back on the grains or if you should add more, should you cook your vegetables or do you operate better with raw vegetables, even should you be consuming milk and other dairy products. Many have heard of these hormone systems: thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, and gonadal. Many even come in thinking their thyroid is off or maybe their adrenal glands. This system will help you know which gland is your strongest and which is your weakest. Where are you most likely to have problems, how will you know, and how to support those glands through your diet and if needs be supplements.

What is your brain type?

Have you ever felt too stressed, too fatigued, too overwhelmed, or had a difficulty finding motivation? You are not the only one. Years ago a doctor named Dr. Eric Braverman saw this similar pattern in his clients and came to the realization that certain difficulties would fall upon similar people. He created a way to identify what drives your brain and how to know if you are in mental balance. He called it the Braverman test. It helps identify where one’s neurotransmitters should be and then where they currently are. Knowing what type you are, dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA, or serotonin, will help you understand more about yourself and what motivates you.

I have used this program in practice since I started and I have seen it help bring individuals our of depression, remove anxiety, help them perform better at work or in school, and even stop certain addictive habits. We are driven by our brain chemistry it’s important to understand and balance yours.

Gut Typing

This is the newest addition to my clinic. Driven by a current worldwide research project known as the “The Human Gut Project,” this looks to identify what type of bacteria you need for your gut type. Three specific gut types have been identified and with it has come the realization that certain individuals do need certain bacteria strands in order to properly digest and assimilate our foods. It can also be essential for certain vitamin levels as different bacteria produce specific vitamins.

This can be an invaluable tool for anyone but especially those with indigestion, stomach cramps and pains, yeast infection, Candida issues, rashes, behavioral issues, wanting to boost their immune system, or if you feel your aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals out of the food you already eat. My own reaction upon taking the right probiotic for my gut type was an end to my chronic dry skin and a stop to the butterflies in my stomach that I would so easily get in moments of nervousness.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and consider the class. Body typing, brain typing, and gut typing are the tools that I use on a regular bases in my clinic and have helped not only the many clients that I have treated but myself, my wife and my children as well.

Dr. Orie Quinn


B.S. Anatomy, Parker University
B.S. Health and Wellness, Parker University
D.C. Parker College of Chiropractic
Certified in Applied Kinesiology
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