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Why Our Traumas Matter

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There is a lot of information that comes from the world of health and science. Quite often it is difficult to figure out how to assimilate it; to know what to apply and what not to. In this case with this article (found below) I would say it becomes even more difficult to know what this means for the individual. The research here shows the realationship between childhood traumas of men and their genetic code they pass down to their children. There is a correlation between traumas in their childhood and their children being born with glucose issues, depression, bi-polar, and other health issues. This in my mind raises a lot of questions: How much trauma is too much trauma for a man to go through so that it is then passed down through his sperm? How do we know if that is why our children have blood glucose level problem or even psychiatric problems? I don’t know if those questions will ever be answered or even can be. What I do know is that this further infers the magnitude of the affects of the events in our lives and the influence they have on our children. It is often suggested that lifestyle doesn’t matter, types of disciplining do not matter, types of food consumed do not matter, to which I would agree if it doesn’t matter to you what type of genes you pass on. The amazing thing about this article is that it gives us further insight into how to be better; how to help the generations that come, and proof that our efforts in being better do matter.

Add this to my post a couple of weeks back about epigenetics, which is demonstrating how our current lifestyle, exercise habits, and food habits can positively influence our genes by turning on the right ones and one can see that we can change the influence of those past experiences. Maybe we don’t have to pass these problems down the line or we can teach our children to live in such a way that that “bad” genetic code doesn’t manifest. I realize there are a lot of what ifs in those statements but my experiences tell me yes we can.


Dr. Orie Quinn


B.S. Anatomy, Parker University
B.S. Health and Wellness, Parker University
D.C. Parker College of Chiropractic
Certified in Applied Kinesiology
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