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Chiropractic Adjustments
Corrective spinal care
Muscle Testing for food allergies, nutrition, and treatment
Vitamin and Supplement Products and counseling
Cranial-Sacral work
Gallbladder Cleanses
Kidney Cleanses
Specialized Detox Programs
Emotional Clearing

25 years of wellness

"For the last 25 years I have relied on monthly spinal adjustments by Doctor Quinn, both father and son. Now at age 69, I still have the flexibility and energy of a much younger person. The aches and pains of an aging back seldom trouble me. In large part "... Read more

- Posted on 02.03.2014 00:47

I’m grateful; it’s helped improve my life and has likely lengthened it as well.

"A few months after I had my first child, I talked to Dr. Orie Quinn about some issues I was having remembering things, feeling blah/cranky a lot, wanting to stay in bed all day, and, of course, troubles losing some baby weight. He listened intently, "... Read more

- Posted on 24.01.2014 18:05

With his help I look forward to continued improvement

"I began seeing Dr. Quinn on a regular basis shortly after I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease.  When I went to the neurologist for a six-month checkup he told me I was doing better than when he first diagnosed me.  Dr. Quinn h"... Read more

- Posted on 24.01.2014 18:05

He’s a fine doctor and has the ability to bring you to better health.

"I first started going to Dr. Quinn while he was attending Parker Chiropractic University. I have been to numerous chiropractors and have had many issues over the years with intense back pain. I have been quite a challenge for all the chiropractors I have "... Read more

- Posted on 24.01.2014 18:04

I’m glad I found Dr. Quinn!

"“When I first found out that I had scoliosis, I thought I could not be fixed. My back hurt every time I sat at my desk at school. And one of my bones stuck out and made it hard to sit for long periods of time. “Now that I get adjustments from Dr. Ori"... Read more

- Posted on 18.02.2013 13:23


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Chiropractic Wellness Whole Health Clinic | Located in Fayetteville AR

dr-quinnDr Orie QuinnChiropractic Wellness is a family run business in Fayetteville, Arkansas, operating for over 20 years. We are a whole health clinic and we believe in working with you to achieve optimal health; structurally, chemically, and mentally.

Dr. Quinn’s treatments will not only relieve back and neck pain, but can also help with a number of advanced health problems such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and scoliosis. Dr. Quinn can also work with you to find the right all-natural supplements and personalized nutritional support to help your body heal and overcome common health issues. Dr. Quinn is also trained to help with a number of mental health problems such as stress, depression, fatigue and many more. Come in and let us help you begin the road to health.


Headaches | Neck and Low Back Pain | Chronic Pain | Restricted and Limited Movement | Fatigue | Depression | Diabetes | Multiple Sclerosis | Fibromyalgia | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol | Parkinson’s Disease | Scoliosis

Contact Dr. QuinnCall Us! 1 (479) 444-7332

Wellness Blog

Pelvic Categories

Pelvic Categories

Pelvic Categories Our pelvis is made of three different bones (2 ilium and 1 sacrum) and four joints (2 sacroiliac joints, the pubic symphysis and the L5-S1 disc space). In order to work properly all 3 of these bones and all 4 joints have to have proper alignment and movement while... Read more

Chiropractic Wellness
Chiropractic Wellness
1678 Joyce Street, STE 1
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703

1 (479) 444-7332
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Chiropractic Wellness Contact Details:
Main address: 1678 Joyce Street, STE 1 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 ,
Tel:1 (479) 444-7332 E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chiropractic Wellness
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